Sales Happy Hour 12/9/13

Happy Monday everyone.  We’ll start with a little fun by taking a look at some pictures from the LinkedIn Holiday party with Koka Sexton

Miles is back after a break to tell us about Mechanical Turk.  I love Mechanical Turk, but don’t really see how it works as a sales tool.  Maybe someone just need to educate me on that…

The Harvard Business Review has a must read article about Sales Metrics that matter.  Some great stuff here for Sales Managers that are looking for stats to compare their team to.  Here is where you can get the detail that this article refers to.

Matt always makes me feel lazy by putting stuff out right through the weekend.  He has his app of the week and an interview with Eloqua’s Dennis Dayman.

Eloqua is talking about Zombies….just as scary in sales as in the Walking Dead.

Salesloft had a conference last week.  Here are some great tidbits from some great speakers including Steve Richard, Howard Diamond, Derek Grant and Allen Nance.

The Sales Blog delivers some painful but relevant medicine to those that aren’t hitting their numbers.

Mark Hunter is talking about “Owning the Process”, step 9 in his current series. 

Lori does some in depth thinking about Knowing NO!

Dave continues a trend in talking about the move from Outside to Inside Sales and explains why it has taken so long.  Some food for thought here amongst those that haven’t made the transition.

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